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To the fine people at Optics-planet,

           I am interested in taking the position of Chief Optic Scientist at your fine organization. I believe you will find me well equipped to take this position.  You may know me from other Optic Scientists like Galileo who has recommended me.

           To fill this position I believe I would need to prove myself. Well I discovered that the suns light was not the purest form of light. I used physics and a prism to figure out that the rays are made out of the rainbow. Another advancement I pioneered is the telescope. My new telescope in which I placed a mirror in helped us see the planets easily. 

            Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume can be found below.

                                                        Sir Issac Newton


For the position of Chief Optic Scientist at your institution   CHAPTER 17 KEY TERMS

Awards and Accolades 

1.  Fellowship of royal society in London- 1672

2. Publication of my book Principia- 1687

3. Cambridge Representative in Parliament- 1688

4. Master of Mint position 1700

5. Society of Rumble 1704


Universal Laws of Gravitation

Helped prove Heliocentric model

Laws of motion

Helped with advancements in Optics


Grammer School in Grantham

Trinity College Cambridge in June, 1661 

Bachelor's degree in 1665

Work Experience

Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1670

Scavenger Hunt:

1. President Obama

2. twice

3. If I post first, then that chapter is mine. I have to keep asking questions and keep the conversation going.

4. "Women' Political and Social Thought'' by Hilda Smith.

5. Read Chapter 9/ Historiography/ journal/ online discussion

6. Political Movements/ 19th Century/ For Art History/ EU and NATO/ WW1: Life on western front/ Road to WW1: European Politics

7. Study in a quiet enviroment

8. Black Death


10. Transubstantiation

Reformation Chart

Essential Questions:

1. What political and social trends and events set the stage for the Religious Wars?

The Protestant Reformation set the stage for these wars. Different ideas on religion made people dislike other religions. 

2. Why was Calvinism appealing in France? 

Guises were trying to take over France and since they were heavily Catholic people wanted to go against them and be Protestant.

3. Identify the three stages the French Wars of Religion? 

     1st stage- Protestantism become appealing in France because people want to go against the guises.

     2nd stage-  St. Bartholomew’s Massacre and the Massacre at Vassy let people know they should be in fear of their lives

     3rd stage- Edict of Nantes which gave substantial rights to the Protestants of France

 4. Evaluate the motives of the people making decisions in the French Wars of Religion?

The decisions made by important people during the French Wars of Religion were not at all for religion they were for power. They would make decisions so that they could be liked by the majority and so that they could stay in power for a longer period of time.

5. What conditions existed in the Netherlands that allowed them to challenge Spain and unite?

The Netherlands were able to come independent because they were able to unify as a nation, not caring if you were Catholic or Protestant.  This led them to be able to drive out Spain and become and independent nation free of Spain's rule. 

6. How did political leaders utilize the religious ideological conflicts of the Reformation for personal gain?