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Posted by mikehandlmaier on April 24, 2014 at 5:15 PM

It’s been nineteen long and tiring November days in the hills of Vietnam. We had just been fighting PAVN forces throughout the time in the Battle of Dak To. It’s been a long, hard battle, but I’m glad we, the Americans, won. It is a large step for a Vietnam republic that wants to see an end to the growing communist authority of the Viet Cong. I can remember that first day, when the People’s Army of Vietnam attacked our troops. General Peers seemed to react in confidence believing that we could strike back. He was lead to set up Operation Greeley, trying to get them out of the jungle they had resided in. We went back and forth for a little, suffering many casualties until the PAVN thought they could hold us in Dak To, but we planned on fighting back.

There were so many gunshots, it was like a never ending drum solo that pierced my ears for hours on end. We constantly fired at them, and they shot back after every click of the gun. I saw our planes coming from the air beggining to wrech havoc in the jungles. They released every piece of artillery that I could even imagine the plane could hold. My friends around me collapsed, dead in one of the bloodiest battles in the war. I could hardly watch as my good friend Rob was shot in the stomach by the PAVN bastards. Little drops of blood slowly beaded onto the ground as he died slowly and painfully. It turned into a gush of red fluid. I tried to stop it with my shirtsleeve but it was no use. I could not continue to work on him as he was in and out of consciousness, so I continued to fight as a medic took him away.  They PAVN was fighting greatly and it was an extremely bloody battle that I would never forget.

On November 12, I could have sworn I saw fireworks. I have just learned, however, that it was our planes being blown up. The PAVN issued an arial attack, and there was little that we could do to prevent it. Every plane that flew in distance of their shots was fired upon at an unbelievable rate. Each burst into flames within seconds of coming in contact with the bullets and missiles that gashed through the steel of the choppers and planes. Explosions were becoming part of my normal routine now as they just continued. If a day went by during this battle that I didn’t hear over thousands of gunshots, or see atleast 50 explosions, it would probably mean I was dead.

After a couple days, however, we got the power spot on the top of the hill! It was a miracle, but we did it and defeated PAVN with much effort. We shot and shot and killed and killed as many PAVN as we could, so we deserved to win this battle of gore. My face was covered in sweat and just as I felt that I couldn’t stand it, the news came that we had won. This was about an hour ago, and now my surviving buddies and me are off to celebrate our victory, We will only do thios with remembrance of our friends that were killed by the PAVN. This victory is a sign of our miltaries dominance and proof that we can win and contain the spread of Communism.

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Reply Mr. White
12:08 PM on April 27, 2014 
Solid journal, could integrate a few more facts but I liked it!